The love that a mother can give is priceless and unconditional. Sometimes, sons and daughters tend to forget about their moms, but her love for her children remains the same. There are also moments wherein mothers are misinterpreted and misunderstood, but it doesn't change the fact that they live by their role until death.

An example of a big misunderstanding with a mom's love is Heather Whitten's Facebook post. She actually posted a photo of her husband and son, both naked while they were in the shower. Apparently, this photo earned several negative comments from netizens. Online users shared how disgusting the photo is without them knowing the real reason why it was posted. Facebook then deleted the post, but Heather posted it again with a very heartbreaking caption.

Here is the controversial photo with its caption:

We have different ways to see the beauty of several things, but sometimes, the most unacceptable way can show us the real meaning of life. There are moments wherein we learn a valuable lesson from a crazy experience and an unpleasant journey. Self expression is the same. A painting has several meanings and interpretations. So, it's better to be careful every time we relay our points of view. :)

Sources:  Facebook / TNP


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