Another warning is being sent out by presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte and this time it is addressed to the cab drivers who are fond of taking advantage the change from their passengers.

In the press conference that was held in Davao City, he said that he will not tolerate this kind of acts which are connsidered to be 'exortion or illegal exaction'.

He further explained saying, 'Yun taxi both dito sa Davao pati sa Maynila, alam mo pag kinuha mo pera ng talo dahil wala kang sinsilyo (change or coins) at di mo binalik, that is estafa.

Duterte is also encouraging the commuters to prepare the exact amount and figure out the fare needed in the destination that you will be going to.

Last January, there was a bill that was approved by the House of Representatives that aims to protect the passengers from the dishonest and oppurtunistic drivers.


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