The Liberal Party standard Mar Roxas accepted defeat to the presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte as an apparently million more votes he still has to obtain to hit the presidency.

After Roxas conceded, his wife, Korina Sanchez posted on her Instagram account what she thought about him, after their long political battle together, from the campaign to the election itself.
She said she knew about her husband being a good man, but what she discovered only during the campaign is that Mar "is the best man of them all."

Korina wrote, "A reporter asked me: 'What did you discover about your husband in this campaign that you never knew before? I answered, 'I always knew my husband is a good man. Only now in this campaign did I realize that he is the best man of them all."

Meanwhile, Roxas wished Duterte success and referred to the Davao Mayor's winning the success of the Filipinos and the whole nation as well.

"Digong, I wish you success. Ang iyong tagumpay ay tagumpay ng ating sambayan at ng ating bansa," said Roxas.

Source: TNP


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