Many know him as Father Fermin. He is a priest, friend, brother, and uncle - he is my Uncle Fermin. As a priest, he practices kindness and has supported many in their times of need.  His main mission in life is to do good upon others, but now, he is the one that needs help. I decided to create a YouCaring fund to help ease the burden and stress of the family/friends who continue to work hard to help provide care and costs of his continuing medical expenses in the Philippines.

In mid-april, during a bronchial procedure to gather a sample of a mass in his lungs, he was admitted to the ICU.  He had suffered a heart attack and was in cardiac arrest for approximately 6 minutes, with no pulse and no signs of life.  He was quickly in-tubated, and thankfully, regained the murmurs of his heart beating.  However, he remained unresponsive and was declared in comatose state 2 days after.

Today, he remains in a state of "coma," with the same signs of strength and perseverance that he is not done fighting.  During the first week of May, he opened his eyes, showed facial flexing and was able to open and close his mouth.  Now, almost a month in the hospital, he was able to move his head. However, the road to recovery is long and endearing, and everyday we collect continuing medical expenses that support his breathing and current living conditions, as family and friends are running thinner each day.  He is being hospitalized at Perpetual Succour Hospital.

Any/all help and prayers are very much appreciated! 


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