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The Filipinos already know that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will win the Presidential Elections. In the line with that, many Filipinos are now taking Photos and Selfies of his house located in Dona Luisa Subdivision Matina, Davao City.

They believe that this house would be one of the historical ones because it is unlike any other houses of the other Presidents. This is a 'home' whic is not that luxurious for a President to be. It shows the lifestyle of the Mayor. The house immediately became a tourist attraction.

On the other hand, the faculty members of Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School put a mark on the chair that was used of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte when he voted in his polling precinct. They are planning to preserve the chair and let the President use it in the next elections.

They are reffering to the chair as the 'Seat of Victory' and the 'historical chair'.
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Source: GMA

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