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The online world is now being bombarded by a viral video emphasizing the radical and extreme behavior of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. It is also evident in the video that the initiator would like to touch the hearts of the public because children are the main casts. Everyone is asking if this is a propaganda against the Mayor, since he is the leading candidate in commercial surveys now.
Here is the video of the advertisement:

This video is allegedly paid by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, who is one of the most vocal critics of Duterte these past few weeks. This recording has earned a lot of negative comments about why children are being used to this kind of advertisement. Some are even questioning why certain government agencies are tolerating this act. Others say that this is a desperate move to bring down the Mayor.

In what ever reasons, we all have the responsibility to vote responsibly. We are given the power to think and weigh our options. This power will be wasted if we allow anyone to persuade us and just merely be influenced by hearsay. :)

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