President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday lambasted the United Nations (UN), saying it should not meddle in his affairs, especially since it cannot even solve conflicts in other countries.
Asked to react to the call by an international press group (Reporters without Borders) for media to sue Duterte over his statement on media killings, the outgoing Davao mayor said he does not care about any of the conventions implemented by the UN, especially since the organization cannot even solve conflicts in war-torn countries.
"Bull*** to them. I am not the president of the community. 'Yan ang mahirap dito, puro tinatakot ka, there was a convention of this, convention of that, the UN," he said.
"P***** i** kang UN, hindi mo ma-solve solve 'yang patayan sa Middle East and other, killing people like rejects. [You] Do not even lift a finger in Africa, butchering the black people there. Tumahimik nga kayo, pareho rin kayo pala ng Pilipinas," he said.
Duterte said he has not signed anything that requires him to act in a certain manner.
"Do not force your code of conduct on me. You're not supposed to do that. I never signed anything which says that I have to behave in such, in this manner or in that manner," he said.
Duterte received flak from different media groups and journalist organizations after he said that journalists in the Philippines are killed for being corrupt.
This, after he was asked how his administration would solve media killings.
Source: ABS-CBN News

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