The journalists have been pounding the President-elect Rodrigo Duterte in press conferences but in all honesty and brutality, Duterte answered it in all forms – light to hard. The media were feasting information straight from the most powerful man’s mouth in the Philippines. Today, Duterte’s aid Christopher Go said that the President will no longer hold a press conference.
Earlier, the President got mad with how the media distorted and twisted his statements particularly on the killing of corrupt media. Duterte is currently also in hot water when he catcalled GMA report Mariz Umali. According to Digong, he didn’t mean to sexually harass the lady reporter.
With all these splicing of information, Duterte said that all of his statements will be streamed through the government funded station called PTV Channel 4. Go also added that they will only send prepared statements and press releases to avoid misinterpretation of Duterte’s statement.
The tough-talking president also challenged the media to boycott his press briefing and end journalism. He said that he doesn’t care if no one is covering him. He also boasted that the government has its own TV station that can solely send his messages to the people.
TV reporter Martin Andanar who has been appointed as the new secretary for the Presidential Communications Operation vowed that he will enhance and upgrade PTV to make it accessible to the public with quality content.
Now, it looks like Duterte wanted to show to the giant media networks that his administration can run with or without them. This new action from his camp shows how frustrated they are with how the mainstream media transform the information they got from Duterte into a news item.

Source: DuterteNews

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