Travel together, food trip, sleepovers- these are the usual #FriendshipGoals we have always been aiming to do with our friends. But not for Jay Ray Parayno and his friends. After an unfortunate circumstance happened with Jan's father at Saudi Arabia, he could not send money for his son's education. Equally unable to provide for the fees, Jan's mother is a seamstress and has to wait for the end of the month before she receives the money she borrowed from a relative. This meant that Jan Ray cannot enroll for the semester, which was his last semester before graduation.

However, a turn of events happened when Jan Ray opened it up to his friends. Aldrin Hernandez, one of his friends, had the heart to come up with an idea for them to contribute until they can make up for P1,655 that Jan Ray needed. Despite needing the money for themselves as well, they instead to help a friend in need. Instead of paying their full tuition fees, some of them decided to pay the downpayment only, so they can contribute for Jan Ray.

Many had been touched by the story and it quickly became viral in the internet. Netizens admired the friendship they shared and Jan Ray's persistence to finish his studies despite his circumstances.

"Hayaan nyo, makaraos lang, makaraos lang talaga, babawi at babawi ako. Salamat mga tropa, Jan Ray posted in his facebook account.

Source: Daily Pedia

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