TNF - Jhessa Balbastro, the elementary school pupil whose plight became part of the last presidential debate, is back in school.
Photos showed Balbastro listening intently to her teacher during the first day of class in the 6th grade of Bonotbonot Elementary School.
ABS-CBN learned she now has complete uniforms, bags and school supplies from various donors.
Balbastro dreams of becoming a teacher one day.

Balbastro, 11, earlier said she had to write her answers to a spelling test on a banana leaf because her family was too poor to buy paper."Pinagtawanan lang po ako nila," she recalled in an ABS-CBN News interview.
She also said that she often missed classes to look after her five younger siblings while their parents went to work. Despite this, Balbastro finished eighth in her class in the fifth grade.
After the presidential debate last April, a Cebu Daily News report said a DepEd official summoned Balbastro's teacher and reminded her to think before posting something on Facebook. The teachers were also told that DepEd central office had funds for school materials.

Source: ABS-CBN

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