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A video of an old man who takes a non-human treatment from his own daughter gone viral online. In the said video, the old man sat on a chair while he is being bathe by his daughter. Instead of caring for the old, the lady then beat the old man's head really hard. She used the dipper to beat him, flash water instantly into the man's face and beat him again.
The helpless old man patiently takes all the pain from his daughter. Not only that, the daughter pulled away the hear of the old man when she is going to apply shampoo on the old man's hair.
After the bath is done, the daughter then leaves the old man with out giving him a towel or clothes for keeping the man's body warm. This seems to be really alarming and needs attention of the authorities.

Location of the incident is still unknown.

Due to violent languages, we edited the video and remove the audio to protect minors.
Here is the actual footage or click this link.

Source: Facebook

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