As we celebreated the Father's Days last Sunday, June 19, 2016, it wasn't just a celebration of fathers around the world but of Moms who had to be both. This is just the perfect story for Mommy Marissa Gantong of DasmariƱas, Cavite. A video from Trending News Videos revealed that Marissa is a single mom and have been striving hard to raise her big truck, lifts cases of softdrinks as she distributes them to various places.

Commonly, this job associated with men, because of its highly physical demands with all the lifting not to mention driving the truck with all those cases loaded. But according to the video, Marissa does not mind the heaviness of what she does as long as she can provide for her kids. Indeed, she had done a good job being the father provider and the tender loving mother at the same time.

Trending Pinoy Videos and the netizens lauded Marissa for her sacrifices and the determination she gives for the sake of her family. They salute her for doing everything she can to secure her kid's future, even if it meant doing a manly job. She is indeed an inspiration to all the single moms out there and to all the parents who give their best for their children.
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