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There has been a lot of viral photos where people say that they saw an image of Jesus Christ in a wood, paper, paint, steel, and other things.

But this photo is different, it apperead on a hillside. This photo shows an image, and it is on Jesus.

Because of this so-called-miracle, a lot of people started to believe in apparrition. They thought that maybe what happend in Putumayo, Colombia was a sign from God to tell people to repent from sins and turn back on Him.

This news spreads like wildfire, the owner of the land had also gained income because of this image. It makes an instant attraction to the place.

Although a lot of people believed and could see the images, however, some netizens still are unconvinced.

But whatever the opinions of the people, one thing is certain, God is present.

Do you believe in miracles, share your thoughts.

Source: NoypiNews

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