Social sites are being invaded by this video of a woman abusing this child while bathing the child. The woman might be upset on something and thus she pour it on this poor child who just cry from the pain the woman's act.

On this video, the abusive deed is the stepping of the woman on the back of the child while lying down helplessly. Speculations say that this is not a Filipina and is a foreign culture.

Either way, netizens poured their disappointment on the woman who clearly is hurting the child and unconciously doing it continually. On the last part of the video, she intentionaly splash a dipper of water directly into the child's face making the child cough. Instead of stopping, the woman again splash another, leaves the child unattended while pouting about something.

The origin of the video is still unknown, but nevertheless, the intention was to call the attention of the public that if this scenario occurs in our neighborhood, we/you should IMMIDIATELY report the incident directly to the authorities.

Source: YouTube

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