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Many prank videos have been featured on various social media sites. Most of them are really funny that went viral on the internet. However, not all prank video features are truly funny. Sometimes, you may get disappointed and dismayed on it.
Just like this video of a girl who was caught walking along the street, then suddenly stopped at a vending machine to buy food. While busy choosing what she wanted, a guy immediately approached her and inserted a locker in her underwear and rapidly locked it in the near post. The girl got panicked and did not know what to do with how to remove the lock. She had no choice but to remove her underwear and hurriedly left the place.

Personally, I have no idea on why the guy did that to her and I think that behavior should not be tolerated in order to be famous as they did those kind of immoral acts. The scene seems so scandalous on the part of the girl, especially it happened in a public place. Sadly, the video was uploaded in the internet.

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Source: YouTube

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