Several photos of a dog who is patiently waiting for his owner has been making the rounds on social media sites.
This dog named ‘Saicy’ according to the post of Alvin Ceria. The first photo of Saicy that has gone viral is the one whereas the dog is waiting outside of the Emergency room followed by several photos during the wake.
The owner named Elenito Bandayanon was immediately rushed to the Davao Doctors Hospital by a neighbor because of suffering from cardiac arrest.
“The dog was barking, it wanted to go inside the ER,” Ceria stated.
Saicy barks outside of the ER while Elenito was still fighting for his life. “Sad to say the patient died. The dog’s owner may have been dead, but the love of the dog remains,” said Ceria.
The dog mourns for the loss of his loving owner. According to the family of Bandayon, Saicy has become weak because it does not eat since his owner passed away.
The dog is now being dubbed as the ‘Hachiko’ of Davao City. Hachiko is the male Akita Inu dog who is known for his loyalty to the owner.

Source: TNP

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