The netizens went crazy Sebastian Rodrigo or more popularly known as 'Baste', shared a throwback picture on Facebook to join the #ThrowbackThursday hype.

In the picture, little Baste stands in a motorcycle behind his dad. President Rodrigo Duterte is looking much younger than before we all knew him as a Mayor. Meanwhile, his mother Elizabeth Zimmerman holds him so he won't fall. The netizens enthused on how Baste looked cute way back when he was this little.

The photo quickly became viral. Baste also be remembered to steal the attention of many girls during the campaign of his father. His shy and quiet personality has futhermore made him more popular. But despite the pushes for him to run for political positions, he clarified that he has no plans to enter politics unlike his siblings. Inday Sara is now the Mayor of Davao City while his older brother Paolo, is the Vice Mayor.

However, he assured that he will always be willing to help his father if the President would need it.

Source: TNP


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