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Mickey Carroll bought a ticket for P51 (£) in 2002 and won the P660 million (£9.7m) jackpot when he was 19. His dream lifesyle, however, quickly turned into a horrible nightmare.

He received a death threat the day after it was announced he won.

"One said they'd chop my daughter up and send her back to me piece by the piece," Caroll told Mirror in 2013, "One was sending pictures of my whole family and details of where they lived. I was really worried. I began sleeping with a shotgun and I kept a blade in every room of my house.

The threats were, fortunately, empty, but the bigger threat to his newfound riches were himself and people around him.

Friend and relatives wrote him asking for money. He gave away as P247 million (£4m) but they were demanding more. Some of those people didn't speak to him again. 

He described the time he had money as "living like a rockstar." He bought a mansion in Norfolk and threw millions on cars, prostitutes, gambling, and cocaine, which almost killed him.

His wild lifestyle landed him in jail twice and a community probation after throwing steel balls on his neigbor's houses while intoxicated.

By 2010, he had no money left and applied for his old job as a garbage collector, but failed to get it.

From a millionaire, he now works in biscuit factory and earn £6 an hour, a few cents below United Kingdom's mininum wage.

Carroll tells Mirror that "he had no regrets." He still buys a lotto ticket, though, hoping to win one more time!

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