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Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa plans to tap the Armed Forces in President Rodrigo Duterte's all-out campaign against illegal drugs.
In an interview on DZMM Wednesday, Dela Rosa said this is possible after President Rodrigo Duterte declared that the growing problem on illegal drugs is now considered a national emergency.
"Since declared na ito na national emergency, itong drug situation ng bansa, we can use the resources of the military. Puwede mo 'yan i-tap to support the law enforcement authorities in conducting raids and everything," Dela Rosa said.
"Sabi nga ni Presidente, pagdating sa drugs, zero tolerance tayo diyan. So maliit man o malaki ang involvement mo sa drugs, dapat mananagot ka. You will not go scot-free," he warned.

'Shoot-to-kill' on drug lords
Dela Rosa also favors a "shoot-to-kill" order on drug lords.
He said drug lords hide behind drug pushers and peddlers who do the dirty work.
"Itong drug lords na ito, malayo sila sa drugs. While they are living comfortably in their subdivisions, itong kanilang bodega ang may constructive positions ng mga drugs, 'yung tinatawag nating bodegero, malayo away from the drug lords."
He said the government now has a complete list of notorious drug lords and authorities are starting to hunt them down.
But he clarified that they have to be careful, including securing proper documents like a search warrant before initiating a raid.
"Kailangan ligal lahat dahil itong drug lords na ito ay mayayaman, kayang kaya nitong baligtarin ang kaso 'pag ito'y nakalaban mo."
But admittedly, Dela Rosa said he would rather have drug lords dead.
"Ako personally, mas gusto kong mamatay sila kaysa magkaso-kaso pa kami. Napaka-powerful ng mga taong ito, mapera ito."
He said that he shares the frustration of Filipinos when it comes to illegal drugs.
"You can just imagine the frustration of the Filipino people. So kung ano ang frustration ng Filipino, ako as the chief PNP, ganun na rin frustration ko so I can just imagine ano gagawin ko sa kanya."
"All hell will break loose," he added.
Bilibid visit
Duterte made his point clear that he wanted to clean the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP), where some inmates are still engaged in the illegal drugs trade while living a luxurious life behind bars.
This allegedly earned Duterte a bounty for his head.
Dela Rosa, who promised to help clean up the penitentiary, said as much as P1 billion is up for grabs for those who will kill him and the President.
Dela Rosa said he plans to visit the NBP to greet those who want them dead.
With a wave of his hand, he announced, "Yes, and I will say 'hi' to 'yung nag-put up sa akin ng P1 billion. I will say hi to them."
"Humingi sa akin ng assistance si Sec. Vitaliano Aguirre, sabi niya tulungan ko siya doon, so sabi ko I can provide you with one battalion of Special Action Force (SAF)."

Aguirre earlier said he will replace all Bureau of Correction (BuCor) guards at the NBP.
Source: ABS-CBN

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