Some illicit drug peddlers in provinces of Cebu, are now having promotional pricing of illegal drugs.
Police doubt, it is probably caused by President-elect Rodrigo Duterte; (recently warnings).

Duterte's approaching entry into MalacaƱang this month forced drug syndicates in Cebu to reduce shabu prices with a great display of nervousness.

Words from Duterte for eliminating country's problem with corruption, crime and illegal drugs in the first six months of his administration makes some syndicate to leave drug dealing business.

Police Regional Office 7 (PRO7) said, it is possible, that many of drug users started quitting their habit, this is the reason why the demand and the price goes down quickly.

In the past years, Cebu has one of the most expensive in terms of pricing of  drugs compared to Metro Manila due to high demand, But today, it was different.

Two hundred to three hundred pesos are the normal price per sachet of shabu in Cebu. But because of Duterte's warned, some of them are starting to afraid and few of them already decided to quit.

Supt. Rex Derilo, chief, Regional Intelligence Division (RID), also said that todays price are now amounting for just only sixty pesos per sachet.

Duterte said about giving cash reward for up to three million pesos, for someone can lead a tips or can kill a drug lords. It also gives courage and inspiration to all police and bear more active campaign for illegal drugs..

But PRO 7 director Chief Supt. Patrocinio Comendador says, that the money was only a second choice. Their work and priorities is to target criminals in every operations, along their respective positions or areas, particularly for taking down illegal drugs.

Meanwhile, in island of Banacon, the third biggest syndicate in Central Visayas Rowen Secretaria got killed. He was the source of illegal drugs coming from Muntinlupa for Cebu and other nearby provinces

Supply of drugs across the region may affected after Secretaria's death, one of the biggest drug lord in the country.

According to Comendador, the said Island receiving drugs from Muntinlupa.

It is apportioned for the city and provinces of Cebu; Lapu- lapu , Cordova , across the provinces of Bohol and a few places in the province of Leyte .

With the death of Secretaria, Comendador said, problem with illegal drugs based in the Island of Banacon now be solved.

He added, most of the residents in the island-sea is just not their subsistence, they also involve in illegal drugs. Therefore, it is one of the reasons why they wouldn't interact and cooperate with their investigation.

He will make it sure to restore the confidence of residents, he will made an appointment of members from Regional Public Safety Battalion to the island who oversee the peace or tranquility and preventing the proliferation of drugs in the area.

Source: Virallyzen

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