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After making a move about the problem of the Philippines when it comes to the illegal drugs, Dyterte is now planning to eliminate the non-performing mayors and governors in the Philippines.

MalacaƱang issued a transcript whereas he is planning to create a special team that would be into the details about the mayors and governors who are having descretionary funds. Duterte claims that 'these funds were the easiest to put in their pockets'.

He was annoyed when he said, 'Ang dumu ng Pilipinas, the mayors are not doing anything. There is trash and garbage around and if you, you have to wait for the plastics to go inside the drainage so everythime there's downpour, excessive rain, water nagkaclog.'

Duterte said that the cities, towns and provinces should maintain the cleanliness in justification to the wages.

'Kayo nasa opisina nyu kakaganda. Binibili nyu furniture, gand ng kotse, yung iba Land Cruiser Suburban. Hindi na kayu nahiya?' He added!

Source: Philippines Report

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