The most popular presidential candidate in social media Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte has repeatedly said during his campaigns that he will push for a federal form of government. While many people have yet no idea about that type of governance, there’s a video that will explain how federalism works in the Philippines.

This video was created by Plainly Simple Studios to explain what the Davao City Mayor is talking about federalism. The more than 4-minute clip clearly explains why federalism is good for the country.

This video was posted by the same creator on Friday on their official Facebook page. As of posting, it has already received more than 60,000 reactions and has been shared for more than 150,000 times. They also clarified that the video is not a paid advertisement.

Rody Duterte believed that the federalism is the best option to solve the country’s problems. He also said that he will still work to push for the system even if he is not the president.

“A shift to a federal system of government is still the best option for the woes of this country,” Philstar quoted him saying.

During their campaign in Rizal, Duterte’s running mate vice presidential candidate Alan Peter Cayetan said that Duterte is the only candidate who want to change the government for the betterment of the country.

“Lahat nangangako sa inyo ng pagbabago, pero lahat gusto pareho sistema eh. Iisang kandidato, si Pres. Duterte, ang nagsabing palitan natin ang sistema. Federalismo, ang pera ng Rizal, mapupunta sa Rizal,” he said according to Rappler.

Source: Youtube

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