While the Aquino administration pursued Military Modernization to boost the country's stance against China's threat with the Scarborough Shoal conflict, Duterte's Administration focuses on the modernization for internal security.  The newly appointed AFP Chief Lt. Gen. Ricardo Visaya said in a Press Conference, that Pres. Duterte plans to purchase equipment's to focus on internal security threat.

Currently, the country is in constant conflict with the Abu Sayaff Group who recently beheaded two Canadian Nationals, Johh Ridsel and  Robert Hall. New People's Army, also post threats in Mindanao together with  some other bandits like Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

Visaya shared that they are pursuing to further the AFP Modernization Program including acquisition of equipments. They will be procuring a night capable AW-109 attack helicopters of the Philippine Air Force and Philippine Navy. This can improve the government's response to different terrorist attack. The lack of these helicopters and other equipment's such as a patrol boats, is the reason why the AFP wasn't able to immediately perform operation when the ASG attacked Samal Island and kidnapped the Canadian Nationals together with Marites Flor who is now released, and a norweigan hostage which is still in the ASG's premises and waiting for a release.

However, Visaya claimed that albeit prioritizing internal security operations, the modernization program will not halt in serving the external security of the country.

Source: TNP


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