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Indeed, Last July 25, 2016 was the State of the Nation Address was a SONA of many firsts. Aside from the new President, this was the first SONA to implement a business attire dresscode. And much to the surprise of all, this is the first SONA with no angry mobster outside shouting to oust the President.

Instead, the militant groups conducted a rally of peace as a support for the President. Surprisingly, they were even allowed to get close to the Batasan Pambansa where the SONA was held.

What made it more surprising, is that the protester cleaned up after their peaceful demonstration. Photos of them picking up their trashes, sweeping the road and helping each other went viral in the Social Media. Netizens were awed by the photo and agreed that indeed, change has come to the nation through the President.

Source: TNP


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