A former professor at the Ateneo de Manila University named Christina Astorga is blaming the 16 million Filipinos who voted for the President Rodrigo Duterte.

She claims that they are the reason why the police officers are turning the country into a worse place to live.

The Professor wrote: "Yes, 16 million voters! Watch our country turn into killing fields. Someday you'll realize the damage that you've caused. Our country is being destroyed. The soul of our nation is being wrecked. Cry with God!"

Christina said that instead of turning the policemen into a world class police officers, they became "vigilantes who violate their professional codes, in their rush to get their bounties."

"He has urged citizens to kill, and has deputized communists who have renounced their allegiance to flag and country, and who have commited crimes against our people, to now be the new accusers and judge of criminals. He also urged them to kill! kill! kill! is the mantra for the change he promised," she wrote.

"And you think you and your family are safe? When the justice system has been eroded, NO ONE IS SAFE. Anyone can point at you, and falsely accuse you as a drug addict, and you have no recourse to due process and fair trial, to depend yourself. Vigilante killing is the new modus operandi in this country," she added.

Source: TNP

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