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The shopping capital of the Philippines, Divisoria used to be a chaotic, dirty and crowded place because of the low-priced products.

The so-called Duterte Effect is already happening to the country as a cleaner Divisoria is seen on photos.

According to the netizen named Del Rosario Esteves Ed, he could not believe that the area of Recto, Divisoria could be this clean. On the caption he wrote: "Recto Divisoria totoo ba ito?"

He is in disbelief upon seeing that the vendors and the garbages being thrown in the streets are gone.

"I think, officials of Metro Manila is trying to imitate our current President, Duterte made Davao as one of the cleanest cities in the Philippines and every officials must imitate his kind of governance," said by one who used to be a non-supporter of Duterte.


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