Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte denied Friday reports that she will resign as mayor of Davao following rumors that she will be the First Lady of her father, President Rodrigo Duterte.
The younger Duterte earlier said she is not interested in the position of First Lady because she wants to concentrate on her work as mayor.
The President later said it would be better not to have any first lady. "You know, it's better not to have a first lady at all. I am separated from my first wife, I have a second wife. Just to avoid, you know you can spin a lot of [stories], weave a lot of things there. Baka wala, 'di na ako mag-first lady," he said in an interview.
Duterte was married to Elizabeth Zimmerman, the mother of his three children - Paolo, Sara, and Sebastian. Zimmerman filed a petition to nullify their marriage in 1998 and the court approved her petition two years after, ending Duterte and Zimmerman's 27-year marriage.
Duterte also has a common-law wife, Honeylet Avancena. They have a 12-year-old daughter, Veronica.
Meanwhile, Mayor Sara Duterte confirmed she will attend the first State of the Nation Address (SONA) of her father.
She will leave for Manila on Monday. She said she does not know if her brothers will attend the ceremony.
The mayor joked that what made her decide is when her father offered free accommodation and airfare for the SONA.

Source: ABS-CBN

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