Each year, the teacher are giving their students the assignment to do the reports on the State Of The Nation Address (SONA) of the current Presidents.

It is their own way of making sure that the children/students are prepared and informed about the current happenings of our Country.

However, the 12 year old Veronica Kitty Duterte had to make an important call to his father, the President Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte took the call of her youngest child in the middle of the Private dinner after SONA which was attended by selected journalist and friends.

The mother of Kitty, Honylet Avancena said that Kitty didn't want to miss her classes that is why she is not present in the first SONA of her father.

A short footage of the conversation of the father and daughter was seen in the report of Ian Cruz. Duterte told Kitty, "...understanding, especially with Moro people and the communist. Then I talked about drugs and the need to stop it... and I talked about the helping of the poor."

Source: TNP, GMA

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