Oplan Tukhang that originated from Davao is now started nationwide, people who suspected to be a drug user or pusher are visited by the authorities and ask them to change or else something bad will happen to them.
Some Barangays are also making their way to warn all the illegal drug users and sellers in their place. One of the example is the idea of Barangay Maysantol in Bulacan to write a letter to all drug addicts that asking them to surrender or else something unfortunate may happen to them.

Barangay Maysantol received positive comments from the Netizens, they said that every Barangay must become brave in fighting illegal drugs in their place.
Analyst thinks that Rody Duterte’s promise to protect all illegal drug fighters made them brave to fight-back against big time drug pushers in their place.
“Many years ago, everyone is afraid to fight illegal drugs in their barangays, but now because they know that Duterte is already there, they are now confident that if they fight back, Digong will help us.” One of Duterte supporters said to our source.
Since Duterte became the President of the Philippines, thousands of afraid drug users and pushers are already surrendered to the authorities.
Source: PinoyTrending

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