Images and/or sculpture which portrays holy people are one of the symbols of Catholic religion. It means that these things are just representing the exact person whom they are addressing their prayers.

It is not new to people that these things sometimes creates miracle, or events that can only be explained through faith. We saw a crying Virgin Mary at Ichon, Macrohon, So. Leyte. Or the miraculous Sto. Nino of Cebu.

But this one is rare, the sculpture itself is moving, somewhat like dancing. On the video uploaded by a Filipino fanpage on Facebook, the priest holds this dancing sculpture because it cannot control it's balance and might fall and break.

Women kneel down on their knees and prays to this miraculous image of a Saint.

Despite of a clear evidence, some netizens aren't convinced of the said event. Others say that this is just created by the sculpture itself to look like it's doing a miracle. Others say that the priest who holds the image is doing something to make the sculture move.

But whatever opinion is it, one thing is clear, God is present and alive.

It is now for you to deside whether this one is real, or not.

Source: Facebook

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