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The alleged video of teen-aged singer Darren Espanto doing something naughty with another guy have sparked a controversy and now seen on the internet. Perhaps this is one of the controversies that the young singing sensation has to face like all other celebrities. Darren’s singing talent is undeniably awesome. With his stage presence and charisma, no one can say that he’s just an ordinary performer. Some netizens naughtily commented that he’s also very good in bed aside from being remarkable on stage.

There are lots of concerns spreading regarding how these video came out. One of those is that the video might have come from the other guy’s lost mobile phone. Darren’s fans will not take this issue sitting down, so they defended him saying that there are obvious differences between the guy on the video and Darren in terms of facial characteristics plus the presence of the earrings. They also added that he’s just Darren’s look-alike. Well, this is the world of showbiz. One is not sure of when controversies will hit, especially if you’re beginning to climb up to fame.


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