Original photos by Roni Olaybar and PhilStar
This status update published on July 27 by Roni Olaybar became viral as netizens took interest in how Olaybar’s foreign employer praised Duterte.

According to her, she was asked by her boss if she knew about the terrorism that has been happening in France. He said that more than 80 people had died, and even told her that France needs a president like Duterte.

Her boss explained that his country needs a leader with strong hands “willing to kill lawless people”. 

Furthermore, Olaybar expressed her, perhaps, frustration, that Filipinos are mad and not supportive of Duterte what he is being praised and accepted by other nationalities. 

Duterte has also become an interesting topic in internal news even during the campaign period. He was even featured in international news channels such as International Business Times UK, CNN, BBC, and many others.

The status has garnered over 1000 likes on Facebook. | ASCS

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