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In a tomb in Malabon City, Satan was stepping over St. Michael’s statue. This tomb seemed to be very strange because having a statue of a demon with an angel under his feet. The statue was expressing that evil can win over good.
The statue was featured in some television shows in the Philippines. Korina Sanchez, host of Rated K of ABS-CBN featured it.
According to the report, the person buried in the tomb was Don Simeon Bernardo of Barangay Concepcion. There are rumors that he doesn’t believe in the Catholic Church because of the torture he experienced by the Spanish people. He suffered a bitter life. He was accused of being a filibusterer and then put him in prison in Fort Santiago. They made him believed that God doesn’t exist and they indoctrinated the belief of his children.
Before he had a heart attack, Don Simeon did the statue and told his children to put the statue of a demon on top of his grave. Don Simeon died in 1934.


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