The video was taken at the San Jose Airport in Tacloban City, where the exact building of clouds into a whirl-shaped object was caught. The uploader of the video feels something unsual, where wind blows very hard and dark clouds seems to go on a same spot.

According to him, when the whirl was perfectly done, it starts to suck up water in the sea, and later dispense it into the city, making the rain during that time taste salty.

This phenomena is also known as a "whirlwind" which occurs when two opposite current of the winds meets up. The alleged sucking up of the water in the sea is called "waterspout" where water from the sea goes along with the vortex, or force of the wind (which direction is going up) thus looks like water is being sucked up.

This is a natural phenomena, it happens all over the place around the world. During this time, where typhons usually occurs, we better be always ready for anything could happen under natures command.

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