Viral footage has emerged of a Chinese government official Chen Jianming, seen violating a woman with the attempt of ripping off her clothes.

The Deputy Secretary of a local Communist Party in Jiangsu province, eastern China, luckily, has been expelled after the scandalous videos of him emerged on Chinese social media on September 20.
Featuring three-split-clip that was later taken down shows Jianming tries to take off his female companion’s clothes while she sat on his lap.
Jianming wasn’t alone in his perverted endeavor, as can be seen two other guys was helping him undress the woman.
The old folk later then simulate s*x after the woman was almost naked.
After further investigations, the local government released an official statement on September 21 through Weibo, stating that Chen Jianming has ‘violated the party regulations’ and ’caused disruptions to society’ was immediately suspended from all official positions and expelled from the Chinese Communist Party.


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