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A video of an old man has been making the rounds on social media sites. This footage is taken after the man on the video driving a Ford F-150 with a plae number of ASH700 who allegedly bumped the car of the woman namedLadyashley Reyes Azodnem.
The couple along with their child was constantly insulted and attacked by this old man.
Instead of saying sorry, he raised his middle finger to the woman and started calling her names. But he was not done with her, he also insulted the young girl, daughter of the victim and called her ‘fat’.
The netizens angrily gave out their opinion on the matter. They said that old people like this man deserves no respect. This was after he insulted the young girl who had no idea what the commotion was all about.
The authorities are now investigating this matter.

Source: TNP

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