Ex-drug alias "Lito" who have recently surrendered confessed and revealed certain information on Colangco's group who had been his suppliers before.

He claimed to had personal interaction with Colangco's right hand man supplying him with three kilos of illegal drugs. He Spilled certain information about the group such as its transaction in China that supplies him with 200 kilos of drugs.

Herberto Colangco is among the top drug lords in the country according to President Duterte. Colangco is detained currently at the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa, however was found to have been living an extravagant life.

"Very valuable information ang shinare nya sa atin. " PNP General Dela Rosa said.

Lito said the life of his family was in danger, being threatened by the syndicates because of the information he had against them.

Here's the Video: 

Source: TNP

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