The drug war in the country have lead to so many casualties; many lives had been loss and sacrificed in order to achieve the peace we long for.

"Don't waste the sacrifice of our son... Mr. President. Please continue and win this battle. Your success means justice for the death of our beloved (Jay), "says the parents of slain soldier, PFC Jay Pee Duran in the drug war.

Erna Duran, mother of Jay became emotional as she plead to the President to fight until he have won the battle.

Jay's father, Jovy have commented as well, saying Jay's death is a demonstration of the "ardent and courageous fight against criminal drug gangs that destroy the lives of many innocent people."

He also expressed how proud he is of his son for his bravery in serving the country. 

PFC Duran was among those who sacrificed his life in order to serve the nation and free the country from the grips of drugs. He was killed during an operation to captured a big time drug trader in the North Cotabato on Sunday.

Source: TNP

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