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PNP Chief Ronald Bato Dela Rosa dominated the verbal argument that he had with Sen. De Lima who loads the senate hearing for the Extra Judical Killings.

On the said hearing, it appears that the PNP Chief feels the same way as Pres. Duterte is feeling towards the Senator Leila De Lima.

A video of the confrontation of PNP Chief Dela Rosa Owning the verbal argument over the said senator has been making the rounds online. The Topic was the deployment of the SAF in Bilibid.

"Sana po nung panahon mo pa po dineploy yung SAF para nahinto na ito sa panahon mo pa noon, "Dela Rosa stated.

He then further elaborated saying, "How I wish na yung SAF para nahinto na ito sa panahon mo na roon at pinagwardyahan yung Bilibid."

The Senator then replied with: "May I tell you na naisip na rin namin po yun. Kaya lang you know, when i consulted some lawyers within my staff and withing the DOJ, Kailangan pa daw ng mga kung ano pang gawin. You know to be really strictly above board, pero naisip din po namin yan."

Source: TNP Facebook

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