Pres. Duterte showed his support to the Philippines Soldiers through a shared Good Meal and Durian.

He shared a meal with the 1,000 members of the 69th Infantry Batallion who fought in the war zones of Basilan and Suli against the Abu Sayyafs on August 24 (Wednesday) during the night in the Magsaysay Park. The President had dinner with the soldiers and later on ate Durian with them.

Aside from the dinner and durian, the soldiers also receive wrist watches from the President. 

"Each one was given G-shock casio wrist watch as a sign of support from the President," says the Secretary of the Office of the Special Assistant to the President Christopher Lawrence Go.

He handed the soldiers the wrist watches before the dinner ended, "lahat sila binigyan".

"We need to protect the Republic. Go after them, mag ingat din kayu! the President told the soldiers while eating Durian.

The President have revived the order to the government troops to "destroy" the Abu Sayyaf after the said group beheaded a teenage hostage due to the failure to comply to the P1 Million Ransom.

The said Soldiers of the battalin together with thr 10th Infantry Division and the 2nd Scout Ranger Battalion from the Compostella Valley were semd off from Davao on Wednesday noon and Thursday morning.

Source: TNP

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