A girl believed to have been raped by her assailant was found by witnesses fighting for dear life in an apartment in Tagum Davao del Norte. 

Witnesses said they suspect something was not right after they found the door of woman’s apartment slightly ajar.
When they approach to investigate, they were shocked to discover a n@ked girl, believed to be 18-19 years old, sprawled on the floor, almost dead and tied up with a piece of cloth to immobilized the victim.
Facebook user George B Pangandoyon posted the video 17 hours ago, to warn his friends that danger lurks in their hometown.
The incident happened in Coco Apartment, Purok Narra, Brgy. Visayan Village Tagum Davao del Norte. The crime was discovered around 3 PM, Wednesday, August 17, the post reads.
A police investigation has started immediately to identify the suspect/s.
Gaga, her nickname, who works at Robinsons Mall nearby is now recovering in the hospital located in the same city.
The heinous crime has sparked another round of debate for the re-imposition of the death penalty.
In case you want to watch the video, you may follow the link here.
Do you agree with the netizen’s demand for the restoration of death penalty?

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