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The good news was shared by MalacaƱang starting on August 15, the Filipinos who wanted to go abroad will be receiving a brand new passport. This passport is a 'high security passport' which has a face life and impressive details of the country with the regions highlighted in the details.

It will just take 5 days to process the new passport to the applicants. To avoud counterfeit, the passport has 'intaglio printing'. The kind of printing to be used in the new passport is the same printing and coating in the money. The coat of arms to be used has optical variable illusion ink and the color varies from different angles.

There are microchips that are embedded in the passport for the additional security. It contains that personal data of the applicant. A thread and ink will appear under the Ultraviolet light.

According the PCO Secreatary Martin Andanar, the imprinting of the passport is not a problem, he assured everyone.

"The new APO printing system increases the production speed of the new passport to 35%," paglalahad ni Andanar na ang tanggapan ay syang namamahala sa APO Production Unit, Inc.

"This means the new passport printing system results to delivery of passports from Press to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to an average of 5 days compared to 7-14 days previously, "he added.

This project will surely be welcomed by many since this will provide more secure and safer changes to the passport.

Source: TNP

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