Recently, the speech of President Rodrigo Duterte have become extremely controversial when she attacked Senator Leila De Lima and accusing her and her ex love to be involved in drugs. Though he didn't drop the name,it was very obvious that he was pointing to the former secretary of Justice. This urged Senator De Lima to speak again and defend herself, where she was tear-eyed doing so. She called the accusations as character assassination and that it was very foul. This is allegedly because of De Lima heading the Senate inquiry regarding the increasing suspected extra judical killings connected to Duterte's war against illegal drugs.

But in a news briefing, Duterte dropped the name of the senator when asked by the reporters and said: "I can. Because it's part of my duty. Okay naman ako (I'm okay with that). You want to know the name? De Lima."

The President also defended what he had said by stating:

"You libeled me, you slandered me. I kept quiet because you are a lady. Sumobra ka na (But you went too far). Well maybe you won on the platform of human rights. Ang bugok namang Pilipino naniwala sa iyo. 'Yung bumoto lang din sa iyo. Hindi naman lahat e (These stupid Filipinos believed you. But only those who voted for you. Not everyone did),"

Meanwhile, the senate hearing regarding the extra judical killings pushed through and is ongoing today, August 18, 2016.

Source: TNP , Rappler

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