This video have become extremely viral where Americans met with President Rody Duterte in Davao City.

But they are not just ordinary Americans. They are bisaya-speaking Americans! In the video, they were surprised to be in the table next to Duterte, so they decided to greet him in a Filipino Tradition in Respecting Elders, By "Pagmamano".

In an interview, the five bisaya-speaking Americans named Summer, Connor, Jake, Tylan and Davis are members of the "Hey Joe Show" and shared the story behind the video, Tylan said: 

"When we went to Davao to do a show last summer, we were invited to have lunch with him. We just met him and we talked with him and we told him our love for the Philippines. Grabe and experience! We were so happy to meet him and we didn't know na he would become the President at that time,"

They even shared that Duterte even danced during their meet-up. Davis also noted his generosity and said: "He wanted to help in any way he could. He wanted to make sure that we had a good stay in Davao, that we were safe in the Philippines. He's very humble, very considerate of others,"

They went to the Philippines for a Mormon Mission from 2012-2014 for the Missionary Training Center of the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints. They are currently in a series of show in the Country.

Source: TNP , ABSCBN

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