Did you know that malunggay can be considered as a "Superfood" as it was able to help a couple with their health and their business? 

Yasuo Matsuoka was diagnosed with cirrhosis, a disease on live, in 2005 and his wife Gena got him worried.

"Ang next stage na ay cancer. Ayaw nya uminom ng mga gamot kasi may mga side effects." Gena said to Ces Drilon for her report in Bandila."

All hope was lost for Gena but one of her friends brought them three kilos of dried malunggay seeds. Yasuo chose to ate them since it is a natural way of helping his body to heal.

"Nagulat ako na after three months, bumalik na sa normal yung asawa ko," she said.

According to Jaime Galvez Tan of Health Future Foundation Inc. Malunggay can be considered as "superfood" due to its cheap price, its ability to grow for all seasons, and its nutrients that could help someone's health.

"Malunggay has micronutrients and vitamins. Yung anti-cancer potentials na sinasabi sa brocollio ay nasa malunggay rin, "he said.

Right now, the couple used malunggay not only for health reasons but also as a business venture. They now have a farm of malunggay and they sold malunggay powder. 

The malunggay powder they are selling  cost P900 - P1000 per kilo and it is being exported to Japan. 

Gene encouraged her fellow Filipinos to discover more the wonders of malunggay and use it is a profitable business.

Source: Youtube

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