Action Star Robin Padilla has been very vocal over his support on President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign against drugs but he is against the idea of publicizing the Philippine National Police’s list of well-known personalities who are drug users.

Despite being criticized for his opinion, with many people asking what made these showbiz personalities special, the actor said in an interview that his opinion remains the same because a private citizen has the right to protect his privacy.
He said that nowadays, it is very easy to take a drug test because it is required when you apply for driving license and license to own a firearm.
He added: “Kaya imposibleng ang mga artista, wala silang drug test. Pa’no nagda-drive ‘yan?”
[That’s why it’s impossible that actors don’t have drug test. How can they drive if that’s the case?”]
However, he said that drug testing should be done voluntarily.
“Pag ikaw ay private citizen, hindi ka puwedeng pilitin. Kailangan voluntary ‘yan,” he said.
[If you’re a private citizen, no one can force you. It should be voluntary.]
According to an article by Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), Robin also emphasized the difference between a drug pusher and a drug user when he was asked if there are actors who approached him and asked for help about rehabilitation.
He said that he’s not the right person to answer that because if he’s approached by a drug pusher, he’ll say that he won’t be able to help him.
He added: “Siguro kung user ka, matutulungan kita sa rehabilitation, kasi kailangan ‘yan. May rehabilitation.
[Maybe if you’re a user, I can help you with rehabilitation because it is definitely needed.]
Pero pusher, sorry, wala akong lugar para sa inyo. Problema kayo. Talagang nagdudusa ang bayan dahil sa inyo.
[But for the pushers, sorry , but I don’t have space for you. You are a problem to our society. Our country is suffering because of you.]”
He also left a message for celebrity drug pushers.
Robin said: “Kung pusher kang artista, tigilan mo na ‘yan, sumurender ka sa pulis.”
[If you’re a celebrity drug pusher, stop it and surrender to the police.]

Source: Kickerdaily

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