Pres. Rody Duterte statement to extend his own deadline to end criminality and drugs within 3-6 months, he also acknowledged that he may not live up to his last day in the office.

"I do not know if I will survive the six years [of my term] or not," he said in a speech before soldiers in Camp Dela Cruz, Isabela on Saturday. Baka ako pa ang patayin nito."

According to him, with the list that he has and upon seeing closely the drug network in the Philippines, the fight might cost him his life. His list, allegedly includeds 1,000 government officials in which he specifically mentioned Naguilian, La Union Mayor Reynaldo Flores and Maasim Sarangani Brgy. Chair Ronnie Sultan. He described Flores as a high-value target.

He said that he will give the list to the military which he describes as the "ultimate warriors" in the Constitution whose main job is "to protect the people".

"Just do what is the mandate of the Constitution... I will protect you. I will not allow one police or one military to go to jail for doing his duty," he said.

Watch this video below speech of Pres. Duterte: 

Source: CNN

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