Beauty is temporary. While others embrace aging, it cannot be denied that it's not just the physical appearance that changes, but the whole body system starts to deteriorate. Bone grow brittle an weaker. Joints become more sensitive. Metabolism goes a lot slower. The five senses generally get less efective.

Although some are fotunate to have their children take care of them or grow old with them their husbands or wives, many are turned over to nursing homes, or worse abandoned alone.
This is why netizens were touched and pained as a netizen posted his encounter with this old man who was abandoned by his family. In order to live, he still needs to work every day just so he can sustain his daily needs. He rides a bike and sells bananas within his barangay, every single day! The netizen recalled how he helped the old man and shared his photos to ask for help from other netizens.

The post has now garnered over thousand shares and views from netizens.


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