While most President just walk, stop, and salute to the military of the country they are visiting,
President Rodrigo Duterte was applauded by everyone when he decided to bow to the Brunei 
Royal Army.

A photo of him bowing and holding Brunei's flag while Brunei Darussalam Sultan Haji Hassanal
Bolkiah Mu'zzaddimn Waddaulah was doing the traditional salute earned praises and respect online.

The President visited Brunei for diplomatic reasons in order to strngthen their allies.

Netizen Monching Lumantas summarized what all Duterte supporters felt when the President bowed.


         A typpical scene in all his rallies during the campaign, a remarkable trademark an all his speaking engagements around the country.

   But no other President in this nation's history has shown the highest form of respect to another country, its own people and its flag. Until now.

   During the welcome ceremonies of his first state visit to Brunei Darussalam yesterday, President Rodrigo Duterte walked down the red carpet to inspect the honor guards, but he breached protocol  when he made an unexpected stop, faced the flags of the Brunei Royal Army and bowed his head. His host and counterpart, Sultan Bolkiah just gave one, snappy salute.

   Bruneiis home to thousand of Filipino overseas contract workers. This oil-rich country has helped boost the Philippine economy by pouring billions of dollars in investments over the years. A true ally and a trusted neighbor in Southeast Asia. 

   This is the President's gestures of saying...Hello, Thank you and Goodbye Brunei?? 



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