Extrajudical Killing probe committee chair Sen. Richard Gordon is considering banning alleged Hitman and probe witness Edgar Matobato from the senate inquiry for good.

The Senator expressed this after the 5th hearing on the alleged extrajudical killing under the term of the newly-elect Pres. Rodrigo Duterte last Monday. The hearing came to a surly end after the senate discovered the case filed against Matobato by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for the kidnapping of Pakistani National Sali Makdum dated in 2002.

As the hearing ended, Gordon accused De Lima, Matobato's handler of "material concealment" claiming that she did not reveal Matobato's case.

De Lima and Trillianes later on proved this referring to Matobato's transcript on the previous hearings where the latter divulged the information. However, despite this Gordon and the other senators have stood their ground as they postponed two hearings to hold a caucus to decide whether Matobato's credibility could still be trusted.

"We are now lining up all the inconsistencies and perpetrated by Mr. Matobato,"Gordon admitted.


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